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Lola G

IES Benicalap


  • 07 Oct |


    Numbers http://www.montsemorales.com/vocabulary/numbers.html http://www.agendaweb.org/vocabulary/numbers-exercises.html Days http://www.agendaweb.org/vocabulary/days-months-date-exercises.html Months and seasons http://www.agendaweb.org/vocabulary/days-months-seasons-exercises.html Days, months and seasons http://www.montsemorales.com/vocabulary/daysmonths.html Colours http://www.montsemorales.com/vocabulary/colours.html http://www.agendaweb.org/vocabulary/colours-exercises-colors.html   Irregular verbs

  • 07 Oct |


    Verb to be http://www.agendaweb.org/verbs/to-be-exercises.html http://www.montsemorales.com/grammar/bepresent.html Be game http://activiscope.com/flash_new.php?activity=catchoice&id=21435 Pronoums http://www.montsemorales.com/grammar/pronouns.html Subject pronoums http://www.agendaweb.org/grammar/personal-pronouns-exercises.html

  • 01 Oct |


    Listenings http://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/skills/listening-skills-practice Classified listenings http://www.agendaweb.org/listening/comprehension-exercises.html

  • 12 Feb |

    Valentine’s day

    Read this text about Valentin’s day. http://www.oxfordculturemania.es/2015/02/05/10-things-you-didnt-know-about-valentines-day/ When you watch the video pay attention to these words: soldiers / emperor/ marriage / help lovers / arrested / in prison / fall in love /  

  • 29 Ene |

    Small projects

    I’m grateful for… Examples: I’m really grateful for being healthy. I’m grateful for my family. I’m grateful for having a job. My week http://www.kizclub.com/storytime/week/first.html “I can… but I can’t.” http://www.kizclub.com/storytime/Ican/Ican.html  

  • 08 Ene |

    Songs with lyrics

    Here you can post your comment with the song you like. Lola

  • 19 Dic |

    Christmas Time!!!

    Christmas in Britain (text to read) http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/texte/xmas.htm Trivial about Christmas http://mbonillo.xavierre.com/exercises/Games/conocesxmas.htm Game: find the pairs. http://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/exercises/christmas/christmas.htm A quiz about Christmas traditions http://a4esl.org/q/h/vc-traditions-lb.html A game for children about Father Christmas http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/fun-with-english/whose-present Karaoke http://englisheso1dali.blogspot.com/p/chrismtas-karaoke.html

  • 02 Abr |

    Para oir, leer y cantar

    Busca las canciones que te gustan pero añade “with lyrics”  así aparecen con la letra de la canción en inglés y puedes cantarla al mismo tiempo que la escuchas. https://www.youtube.com/

  • 05 Mar |

    Para jugar y aprender…

    You can look for games in this website: http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/kids-games Different subjects in English. http://www.arcademics.com/ (American games) http://www.agendaweb.org/ (hundreds of free English exercises) http://www.montsemorales.com/  (diferrent exercises of grammar and vocabulary) Numbers http://www.agendaweb.org/vocabulary/numbers-1-100-exercises.html Family http://www.angles365.com/classroom/c6family.htm http://a4esl.org/q/f/z/zz85bem.htm http://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/viewgame.asp?id=11 Places http://www.angles365.com/classroom/fitxers/5e/town.swf Places with sound http://www.eslgamesworld.com/members/games/vocabulary/memoryaudio/directions%20places/index.html Para todo, revisión “Level 1” http://www.eslgamesworld.com/Revision/Level1/play.html The Amazing Museum http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/averroes/centros-tic/41009470/helvia/aula/archivos/repositorio/0/60/html/findout.swf Months of the year […]

  • 06 Nov |

    English class

    Vamos a aprender algo de “English”. Empecemos por saber algo más sobre países de habla inglesa. Tienes el enlace a la derecha al final, en el apartado to review and to start, se llama English speaking countries, luego vamos a aprender algo de vocabulario con este juego Penalty shoot-out! (to learn vocabulary), ¿cuántos goles has […]

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